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21st August 2007

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#1 13 years ago

In an attempt to get a break from the 'zomg release date!!!1112234432564trefytgregdhgjn' threads, I thought I'd ask people how they play the mod--what kits, what guns, what vehicles, what locations, what tactics, etc...let the topic ramble, and maybe people will try to play in another way for kicks.

Kits/Guns For me, I almost always go AT/Engy. The German kits with a screck (or is it a faust? stupid memory...) are my favorite, but I'll take a Boys every so often! I'm also quite fond of the Piat, but ultimately the lack of a rifle does that kit in. This love of AT comes from the time when I spent about 7 months in vanilla only playing as the AT class. Every so often (aka Arnhem) I go SpecOps because I'm secretly a packwhore and I love chucking packs 50ft through windows and killing those poor saps below!

Vehicles I'll hop in a tank if I'm desperate, but I tend to prefer the transports. I like to think I'm Godly with a Willy or a Kubelwagon (not a Kurogane--those suck) and can get pretty much everywhere. I will, however, get in ships of all sorts. Some of my favorite memories from FH are from sitting in an Lcup or an Elco, shooting at planes. If you've ever flown a plane you know how annoying the mg fire from the middle of no where can be. I'm rather fond of planes that are on the ships, especially the Swordfish.

Locations/tactics On Iwo Jima, I always spawn on the mountain and get out my Heat nade rifle thingy and take potshots at passing planes. Every so often I manage to shoot them down. On Omaha Charlie, I always rush to the farmhouse just north of the middle flag (providing I can make it there :mad:), then defend like mad. I managed to distract a good 10-15 Nazis the other day while my teammates used the diversion to cap the beach bunkers. Otherwise, if the map's large, I'm always hiding in the forest with my trusty k98, or if there isn't a forest, high up in the mountains.

I feel that my favorite style of play is very different from most. I like to wander. Sometimes, if I don't see an enemy all map, I'd still have had fun. I like wandering mountain paths and desert valleys. I like climbing up to places no one else has thought to go to--I've already got good spots on all the vanilla maps, and a few on FH maps. These can be on top of buildings or on terrain. Other people will take transport, but a Fuzz needs only his two feet. :cool:

so yeah



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6th May 2006

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#2 13 years ago

This thread... ok why not Kits/Guns I use to spawn assault or engy, for the rifle (my favourite : N°4, Mosin-Nagant, SVT40, Springfield 1903, Arisaka, MAS36), and engy or tankist when driving tanks I also love sniper kits, not for useless frag hunting, but to spot enemy armoured assault and get main targets (MGers, gunners, officers, snipers) Vehicles Medium or Cruiser Tanks : Pz III, Pz IV, Panther, Cromwell, T34, hmmm, Sherman... I also love the Daimler armoured car, the Panzer terror on desert maps And self propelled artillery I suck in planes, but sometimes win a dogfight (usually I avoid to waste planes so I'm not flying very often) Locations/Tactics As a clanmember, tactics are collective and intuitive The 79th main infantry speciality is tank hunting. Covering fire from a LMG, "patsy" to captivate the tank driver, then AT or satchels to unsolder the behemoth On my own, I'd rather way much attack than defence 79th use to attack while each man cover his next pal, and with arty or armoured covering fire and barrages In defence we use to have one or two guys ahead, the others hiding in safe places rear from the flag, with crossfire, and ready for collective fast and brutal counter attacks In a tank I avoid both to camp for frag from far and to engage my machine in close-ranged areas (streets, woods) I'd rather maneuver with others tanks (or at less mechanized infantry), prefer speed than heavy armor, and manage to ever show my frontal armor while seeking for enemy tanks flanks (yeah, everybody's trying to do that I guess :lol: )


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10th September 2004

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#3 13 years ago

Might as well... Kits/Guns Depends on what is needed. I can wreck havoc with practically anything except the spriengfield, that rifle is useless in my hands... Oh, and sniping with the ppsh 41 is something I particularly enjoy :)

Vehicles Though I'm mostly a infantry guy, I sometimes get involved with tanks. Generally I prefer either something heavy and powerful or something light and fast (222 FTW!). Sometimes I even try out flying and lately I've been able to avoid the ground for quite some time :P

Locations/Tactics Depends very much on the current situation/map, but it always boils down to thinking like the enemy: think what you would be doing in his place and stop that, or think where he will expect you to be, and don't be there. Simple really.


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2nd September 2004

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#4 13 years ago

Kits/Guns I like to use bolt action rifles whenever the terrain favors them, using grenades and the knife to dispatch opponents in close quarter situation. I especially love using the engineer kit (because it has satchels and allows me to repair my tank if I use one), but I like most AT kits too. The Russian AT rifles in particular are a joy to use against tanks and infantry. I don't use mgs a lot, since it promotes static warfare that leaves me vulnerable. Nothing beats a good old smg spray and praying sequence however. I don't think there is a smg I particularly dislike, even the Mp18 is good.

Vehicles One word : tanks. Whenever I can, I try to get a tank. I don't have any real preference, generally bigger is better (mostly because I don't trust my teammates to drive that KT well =p ), but I'll happily drive a PzII if its all thats left. My favorite tanks are those with good speed and a good gun. I really like the Cromwell, Panther, T34-85 and Jumbo 76mm. I try to stay away from turretless sp guns, because the angle of vision is poor (I have achieved some good results with the Su76 tho). I firmly believe all tanks have a use, and that camping to have teh 1337 kingtzor exclusively is retarded. I rarely fly planes, leaving them for better pilots. On plane maps, I often man the AA guns, which I like using (practices my aim).

Locations/Tactics With tanks, I try to "quarterback" my infantry's attack by destroying defending tanks and providing covering fire. Since this is sometimes very hard to do in a disorganized public server full of lone wolves riding jeeps out of bounds, I either go deep in their territory to strike their tanks from behind (works well on Goodwood), or attempt to capture flags myself by shooting in house/street corners and watching all angles (this can be suicidal in a very populated server, but its very well doable when the defense is disorganized). I have a few "favored" locations in each maps, but I won't mention them for my own safety ;) .When under air attack, I try to confront the approaching plane as if it were an enemy tank : I face it (tanks sometimes survive a bomb or rocket if they fall on the front hull armor), and shoot a shell aiming for the weak spot (in this case, the engine). To prevent getting bombed, I try to stay near trees and buildings, and keep moving at all time so they don't catch me on their second pass.

On foot, I throw lots of grenades and use knives a lot in melee (if I have a rifle and meet someone in a house, I shoot once then take the knife). As with tanks, its always better not to face your foe directly and keep moving after kills. Unless there is an immediate need for defense, I always try to get to a flag and grey it by all means possible so that my team (which is, in public servers, camping some distance away :rolleyes: ) can move in and clean the place.


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17th August 2006

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#5 13 years ago

Kits/Guns My favorite kit has got to be the kar98-panzerfaust kit, its THE most useful kit there is (except close quarter....:uhm: wait you do have the ridiculous overpowered shovel... man i love that thing). But then i mis my hand grenades so my second favorite is the paratrooper kit. As for weapons k98, carcano, STV, panzershreck, bundled grenade,... Vehicles I had the most fun with a marderIII or a stug auf. G. I love with Karkov outskirts to drive the marder into the woods, lurk around and shoot any soviet tanks in the flank while they mindless charge at the nearby flag. When that is done i drive to other flags through the hedgerows and if i am lucky there will be a soviet attack witch i can single handedly destroy with long range fire. After that i like AA tanks/vehicles, medium tanks,... As for planes, I love flying but i suck at air battles. For some reason i have to shoot minutes to get a plane down and they kill me in 5 seconds (i know hit the engine). meh may have to do that i don't have a joystick. I am however very good with dive bombing but most of the time i got shot down by planes or someone steals the plane before my nose Locations/Tactics I don't have a set tactics, however i tend to do the same each time on each map (this gets boring but then we loose, most of the time). Everything depends on the situation and the map. If its a defensive map i try to defend the most important point like the airfield at Iwo Jima (loose that flag= loose the game), in general flags witch spawn the most tanks. In offensive maps, it really depends what my team is doing, I do what is most profitable defending a important flag, participate with an attack (just follow the tanks), backcapping. If time and again an attack fails i try to get artillery or be a spotter and destroy the things that keep my team away. Most of the time a well concealed tank or infantry in buildings


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15th March 2007

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#6 13 years ago

Hmm... thread name should be "Know your enemy". Kits/Guns AT-rifles, HMG/LMG and rifles, from these the favorites are 20mm Type 97 (FHSW/FHT), Johnson LMG (Canadian) and from rifles I like the No4 and K98.

Vehicles I stay away from the planes whenever I can, but if I have to take something it is bombers. From tanks I LOVE light tanks or British heavy tanks and SPG, Matilda I, Stuart, Churchill and Marder II....

Locations/tactics I usually doesn't care about what map the server is running, but I usually go for sneakiness.



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26th July 2004

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#7 13 years ago

Kits/Guns AT/RIFLE/ENG (most of the time) It depends on the situation really, I switch around kits a lot.

Vehicles Anything I can get my hands on.

Locations/tactics rambo17042006jv7.jpg Pretty much sums it up.

Basically while everyone else is cowering in the bushes just outside of a flag I'm the guy that rushes forward, kills 15 people, and heroically takes the flag, single-handedly defending it till everyone else stops sitting around.


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12th June 2004

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#8 13 years ago

Same thing as Komrad_B except he's better at it than me! But that's why we are in the same clan!

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16th December 2005

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#9 13 years ago

Kits/Guns whatever is needed for the given situation, its quite easy to pick kit, depends where you are on the map, what type of enemy is there..

Vehicles all except stupid planes:mad:

Locations/tactics like a headless bloodthirsty chicken I hunt my enemies or run away hiding :bawl:



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2nd October 2003

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#10 13 years ago

All you engineers will have fun in FH2. There's much more use for them to be repairing knocked out gun emplacements. A good engineering corps is a good defence :p

My FH2 prefrence:

Kits/Guns Usually rifleman because its the bread n'butter. Rifle and grenades can hold thier own in pretty much any infantry engagement. SMGs are fun for city fights and get lots of kills. MGs are also fun for city fights when I feel like camping on a road. AT is already, but I have shitty aim with ATRs. Though nothing beats the feeling you get when you manage to slap a sticky on a panzer (really hard to do)

Vehicles: I'm a horrible tanker, so I tend to steer away from those. AT guns are fun (and waaaaaaaay more useful in FH2 then in FH42) and nothing is more satisfying then using atrillery to pick off unsuspecting defenders by dropping a well aimed 105mm HE shell on thier heads.

Tactics: Grunt. Infantry is for seizing the objective! Long live the ground pounders!