How many bazooka shots does it take to destroy a KT? -1 reply

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8th May 2003

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#31 17 years ago

Yeah its like those tanks are made of steal or something if bullets cant kill them.

Heinrich Blotgrasse

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1st November 2003

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#32 17 years ago

I did some testing on the KT today and the results were interesting.

- The KT can drive over 5 mines and live - Expacks are completely useless against the KT - The Bazooka can destroy a KT with two shots at point blank range. - If you are in a Sherman do not shoot at it unless you have the correct shot. Best thing to do is flee.


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9th January 2004

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#33 17 years ago

Who would have thought to make the tanks out of steel instead of aluminum?? Damn smart people.

Sgt. DinkyDuck

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10th November 2003

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#34 17 years ago

Each tank is designed for a different use. its silly to take a tank designed for taking out infantry and light tanks, against a tank that was designed for the sole purpose of "tank killing" ie the Tiger I, King Tiger, Sherman Firefly, M10 and so forth, they are the tanks that were designed to hunt and kill other tanks. Later versions of the Stug, were designed if i remember to help in the Anti tank arena. Each tank also has a different stratagie for taking out enemys. your not going to go flying into battle with a sherman or a cromwell if you know that there are plenty of anti tank wepons around are you?

your best bet, is to take the tank and use it for what it was designed for. do a little search with Google and check things out. its very helpfull, you learn a little, and it helps your gaming, since these tanks are based on the real thing. or as close as you can get.

King tiger, and Tiger I are best for thouse front line duties when accompanied by various other tanks and infantry to push and break through enemy lines. where as a stug wont do well on the front lines unless its very well guarded. they are better suited to duties such as "stalking" other tanks, or shelling distances. medium tanks are very good aganst infantry and other medium, and light tanks. and of course heavy tanks are good against virtualy anything as long as it can reach the enemy. prime example again, is the Stug. or Jagdpanzer Hetzer (although its considered a light tank)

they have only one way and maybe 10*-15* they can move there barrel. not good on the front lines.

sorry for the long post, its late, im tired, and when i get tired i can go on typing till morn.

here is a good link for your German tanks

workin on finding one for allied tanks.