How much would you be willing to pay for FH? -1 reply

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18th June 2003

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#71 14 years ago

If someone wants to give me money I will make the Maus.


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9th June 2003

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#72 14 years ago
Rad-FHSomeone with a calculator, total up the poll and let us know what the mod is worth! Maybe we can sell it and have a pizza party! Seriously, the mod is and will always be free.... unless you invite me over to install it on your computer, then it might cost you a couple of beers.

Sure, I offer you a taste of all 1214 belgian beers if you come along with a copy of FH2-internal-build-2. A better offer you can't get. (And don't let people from the netherlands mislead you, there beer isn't half that good as ours.)

*searching cover for angry 'hollanders'