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3rd October 2003

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#31 15 years ago

too bad the wheels dont retract.


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19th November 2003

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#32 15 years ago

They only do that over water? or are they always down?

Anyway, It doesnt matter. As long as you go down slow and steady, there shouldnt be a problem.


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23rd April 2004

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#33 15 years ago

But if you try to land in the water online, I bet there will be alot off guys calling you a dumb*ss, because they don't know any better, that is.


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13th October 2003

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#34 15 years ago

Another thing to consider : if you pilot the Stuka or the BF110, PLEASE destroy the armord vehicules first. I can't remember how many times I saw a plane aiming for infantry when the matilda was destroying us :/ If you can't, don't take the stuka.

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6th December 2003

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#35 15 years ago

The Stukas job on Crete:

1:destroy AA

2:destroy tanks "Matilda"

3:drop 1000kg bombs on allieds flags...

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7th December 2003

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#36 15 years ago

I'd also say that the first thing the Stukas and BF 110s should do is to destroy tanks. AA just respawns too quickly and there are too many. Anyway, if the German pilots have any sense then the AA is not a problem. You can safely bring the tropers to Crete if you just approach from the east.

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18th November 2003

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#37 15 years ago

imho there arent too many noobs anymore, cause they go back to vanilla (noob:"the bazooka cant shoot strait in fh" :D )

a good and necessary guide, but the key to victory and the problem on most public servers is teamplay. ok u need a few trys to get ur axis-feet on the ground because of aa and "funny" grenade-users inside the ju52, but with 3 - 5 axis on the ground u can easily cap a flag and thats it. the matilda is by far to slow to be a dangerous opponent. from my experience chances r good for both teams.

good to hear there will be more ju52 in 0.62 thatll help a lot :)