How would you treat members of Neo-Nazi clans? -1 reply

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6th October 2003

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#61 14 years ago

meh... another topic down the drain...:lock:


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27th April 2003

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Al Caponeedit: Lobo, I really don't know what point your making, do you suddenly live in Britain? Thatchers reforms are gone man, I'm no fascist, I really don't have a political opinion of any sort, I just think its odd how we tolerate one evil and not another. I guess I am right wing by definition, but honestly, I'd rather get high & drunk every weekend instead of worrying about "Thatcher" or whatever the f*ck your talking about[/QUOTE]

I don't need to live in England to know about this, remember, I am anarkist, we usually read and think about human problems, and my homeland is a proud and socialist coal mining area of Spain, similar to those areas in England, our people payed a generous amount of blood in the fight against fascism, and is sad hear the young generations don't give a damn about this

The fact is by the end of the 30's France and Italy actually had the best militaries. Both countries had been steadilly building for war. Britain was going hippy, Germany was still rebuilding and Spain had just whupped it's own ass in it's civil war.

Yes, because fascists slaughtered my poor country and Hitler used spaniards as targets for the Luftwaffe bombs, so don't play with my patience

[QUOTE=Nighthawk]I think it's safe to say this thread is going to hell

So true, and before we asist the ugly spectacle of a moderator flaming a member of this comunity let's :lock: this