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30th April 2004

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#81 14 years ago
Al Caponeyes! it's released on the September weekend! I get Friday off! I get the weekend off! I get Monday off! OMFG! :bows:

woah! i get monday off too, but what's friday for?


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29th October 2003

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#82 14 years ago

LoboI knew this would happen again :o , let me explain it for "n" time:

The D Day is 24/9, that day the mod is released, before that just wait patiently, the BT thing allows the people with slow conection to get the mod in time and allows everybody to start to enjoy the mod at minute 1 of H Hour D Day

I know you can't wait, i can't wait neither to play the mod with all of you...patience


argh ok.