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#41 11 years ago
Stray03;4843055 Its just not fair that he gets those and I don't... **Runs away crying**

Ahh shame you did not take a short trip east years back. We used to have a MG shoot in central Maine that was epic! During that shoot I saw the single most awesome thing ever! The air was filled with at least 20+ MG's out of the hundreds there zipping off at once. Then all of a sudden me and my two buddies heard this most ungodly sound coming from about 100' down the line. We all looked at one another said WTF and cranned our necks to see what the hell was making this ungodly noise. And there just forward of the line at the opposite end was this scrawny kid from Quebec firing this MG-42 John Rambo style with 10 times more control then fatty Mcfatson in Lobo's video. Standing MG's FTW!