Incredibly stupid n00b Sniper question -1 reply

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27th April 2003

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#21 15 years ago

The sniperrifles are more accurate than the normal ones. But oyu have to aim different than in normal BF, because there you have a muzzlevelocity of 2000 m/s, while FH uses the real values (700-800 m/s) The scope of the Type96 can be used, but you have to shoot single shots, not full auto....



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8th May 2003

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#22 15 years ago

I commend the FH team for not making snipers a selectable class in most maps.

Really cuts down on alot of the bullshit, and forces people to grab a real gun and help the team out, rather than sniping like a pansy.


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6th October 2003

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#23 15 years ago
-Moldie-Just because its scoped doesnt mean the bullets fly straight every time, there are crosshairs..they are just invisible, you have to wait for them to close.

Here's a breakdown of how to effectively use them:

First, grab a rifle and find a spot. You need to camp to use these things. Your spot should be hidden, etc.. you know the deal. Standing, crouching, or prone is fine.

Second, find a target. Zoom in at it and DONT move the mouse. You'll notice scope sway. The scope will sway once heavily, once lightly, then come to almost a stop. That's when your invisible crosshairs are centered and you have the accuracy you need to hit a target far away.

Aim ahead of the target, farther ahead if the target is farther away. Wait for the sway to stop, then.. Shoot. With automatic snipers like G43 or SVT, you'll need to wait a little longer between shots then with the bolt action snipers because the recoil makes you move the mouse which uncenters the crosshairs. Its kinda funny that the auto rifles shoot effectively slower then bolt action (but are better in close quarters).

The FH sniper rifles aren't great for hitting moving targets, since moving the reticle aimer makes the crosshairs uncenter a bit. The Type 96 w/ Scope does suffer from poor coded accuracy, even with single shots. You can't hit anything with that unless youre right next to it. Same with the BAR though, so I guess its fair.


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2nd October 2003

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#24 15 years ago

Lol, Ohioan I know how to snipe..

tvihMoldie, well, that scoped Type 96 or 99 or whatever it is doesn't hit no matter how long you stabilize. It's been a while, but the guy was like 50 meters from me, I was prone, waited a good time to get a sure shot (since the guy wasn't moving)... no hit, not with the just about full clip I ended up trying to hit him with. Some shots landed near him, some obviously flew above him... but NONE hit. And then he noticed me and shot me with a single rifle shot. Now that's just WRONG.

Granted, I don't have too much experience with the accuracy of other sniper rifles, mostly because I don't use them much (it's just too damn hard to hit them "bunnyhoppers" with the sniper rifles).

The type 96/99's scope was used for anti-air purposes..not sniping infantry.


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25th March 2004

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#25 15 years ago

Whoever said it's hard to hit horizontaly moving targets, it's not at all with a normal rifle. And it IS possible with a scoped rifle, however if you're going to be using a sniper rifle remember that y ou're not there to chance the course of the battle, snipers get kills, that's about it, don't take a shot unless you're sure you'll hit.

That's why I hate snipers so much. So useless for taking points.