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Ofw. Josef Schneider

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19th October 2007

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#41 12 years ago
Von Mudra;4703663I bet its a lafette covered with my name and love notes :P

Nonono. A MG34/42 with english scribbling on it is blasphemy, is madness. Niemals! Das ist ja unerhört!

Von Mudra

Lo, I am Mudra, za emo soldat!

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25th September 2004

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#42 12 years ago

It can be in german, I can read that too :P


I didn't make it!

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#43 12 years ago

'LIGHTNING [NL;4703528']The Indiana Jones kit has a deployable refrigerator you can get into, which is invulnerable.

(Not really.)

Does He get to have an RPG also? Here Tiger Tiger Tiger...