Is FH1942 dead?? -1 reply

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6th December 2003

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#51 15 years ago

what should they do if they werent spending time on FH.. they cant really do anything on FH2 before dice decides to realese the MDT.. i for one is looking forward to ,7 and the italiens.


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22nd February 2005

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#52 15 years ago

It was expected for many of the FH players to leave for BF2. I enjoy playing BF2. However, the only ones playing FH now are the true die-hard fans and those who don’t have systems to handle BF2. Like many of you I’m frustrated not finding a populated server. Wolf for some reason all of a sudden has ping issues for me and it makes it hard to play there now. Many of my fellow clans men have switched to BF2 leaving many of our favorite servers vacant. The guys at FC have made Thursday nights their regular FH night to get a break from BF2. You can catch us at All Lazy Bastards(FH) The ping is great compared to Wolf. So set your calendars for Thursday nights and join in on some quality play. Usually starts at 9:00 est.

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20th May 2004

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#53 15 years ago
schnupleThere's been a considerable jump in graphics performance since '42 was released and that becomes obvious when jumping from 1 to the other. I think this game is set up to look the goods with the Nvidea 7800GT, duel processing, sata II, and 2g ram. Start saving for FH2, it'll be worth it for years to come.

I don't believe this game takes advantage of duel processing. I think it is single thread. (someone correct me if I'm wrong) I just got a new computer for BF:2 and it's mods. It's a strong powerful system except I needed/wanted to go cheap on the graphics card. (I knew the 7xxx series would be out very soon and ATI was quiet and I wasn't putting money into a new card yet. I only have a 6600GT) If FH2 doesn't come out until the Geforce 8 cards, I'll be set. Already saving up for one. smilie.gif @Rad. Thanks for the reply. Looking at how DICE handled the graphics for 42, I had already assumed that DICE left a large room to grow in the graphics department and I'm also glad to hear about expanded coding options. Thanks again for the confirmation