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27th April 2003

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#161 14 years ago

FH doesn't need to push so hard the limits because BF2 is already very brilliant graphically wise, so we want to model our stuff around the limits of the BF2 ones. I don't know if you wanted 20000 polygons models but it's simply unreasonable, it's not worthy, not neccessary and will run like crap.

In my very biased opinion this player model is better than the BF2 ones, but of course...I am biased.

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19th July 2005

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#162 14 years ago

mirak63I don't expect FH 2 to be awesome. I guess you can't reuse the original models and that they were designed with to few polygons. Aren't the models modeled with more polygons on 3DS then the resolution reduced, so you can reuse them later ? I guess FH2 will push the BF2 engine to it's limits, like FH pushed the bf1942 engine. What I am afraid of the most is that when FH2 will be released the engine will not be up to the standarts of the days.[/quote]It is compleately dependant on the modeller, but I think that it's actaully easyer to model low poly model from the beginning, rather than trying to reduce poly count by alot at the end. The newere FH models are up to FH2 standards and are being reused in FH2, there's just not much of these. [QUOTE=Meadow]Burn him!


Calm down, all he meant is that he hasn't got high requirements for FH2, not that e states it will be so.:p