Is it just me or does Aleutians get very little play? -1 reply

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28th May 2003

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#21 16 years ago
EglaerinionI think the map plays great, it's one of the most beautifull maps in Forgotten Hope. Because the action is a little further apart it's something different from alot of other "bunnyhopper" maps as BoW would say ;).

Yes thats right......and i like AdakIsland map too.

Soldiers need to be able to fight ( and win ) wherever place they are send to in the real world and it is rarely a recommendable tourist site or a favorable combat enviroment.

Unless it is an amateur made map ( wich Adak Island is certainly not ! ) it is not a bad map and players are required to adapt playing style to fit the enviroment, not all enviroments adapt to the players limited style of playing ( wich for a lot of players is probably spraying other players with an automatic weapon relocating themselves through open fields as rabbits would do and being bored if they can't )

If there are a few maps that differ from the others that is a blessing and a breeze of fresh air...... i am thankfull FH has that quality maps that dare to be diffrent.


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5th May 2004

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#22 16 years ago

Adak Island is decent, as long as newbies don't steer the ships into things.


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28th September 2003

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#23 16 years ago
KämpferI enjoy the map, the Japanese usually do lose but sticking with a small core of five or six people through the entire game is the maps shining point.

it's pretty much a tradegy when one guy dies out your group

on a somewhat unrelated topic on wolf on adak i give guided tours which finishes with a 3 course meal on the japs carrier.If you see me online at the time just ask for a capone special.Previous famous guests have included (drum roll please!)

Tanelorian from Desert Combat!!!!!

Evil Soda!

Maxwell silverhammer!

Bong James Bong!


Evil cookie!!!!!!

and wait for it...

Malsa of the fh mod!

that is all.