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#1 16 years ago

hello forgotten hope team! first i'll start off by saying "i love your mod!" the problem i'm having with my "co-op dedicated server" is that the follwing maps don't work in "co-op" mode even though they show up as selectable maps when i set up my server (mod ver.0.67a full), server crashes: adak island battle of valirisk-1943 berlin-1945 bombing the reich-1943 desert rose-1942 falaise pocket-1944 operation blacknight-1945 operation nordwind-1944 prokhorovka-1943 sector318-1944 tarawa-1943 the storm i get the following error when these maps try to load in "co-op" mode: =============================================== level init.con file not found:bf1942/levels/map name/Init.con note: ==== i have no problems running the other "co-op" maps on server just the the one's listed above. please respond & thanks in advance "fh mod team".



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26th December 2003

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#2 16 years ago

These maps don't work dedicated because coop support for them was added after 0.65, the last full version. In the next full version they will work fine. There's a technical reason for this, but I won't bore you with it. Fortunetly there is an alternate solution. I wrote this some time ago in response to a similar question: The server launchers only look at the base rfas for the level/GameType/ files, not the patch rfas. The easiest solution is to setup the map list file manually. The map list file is located in Battlefield 1942/Mods/bf1942/Settings/maplist.con. It should look something like this: ---- game.addLevel Battle_of_Orel-1943 GPM_COOP FH game.addLevel Wake GPM_COOP FH game.addLevel Bombing_the_Reich-1943 GPM_COOP FH game.setCurrentLevel Battle_of_Orel-1943 GPM_COOP FH ---- The format is pretty simple game.addLevel LEVEL_NAME GAMEPLAY_MODE MOD Gameplay modes are: GPM_CQ - conquest GPM_COOP - coop GPM_CTF - capture the flag GPM_TDM - team death match GPM_OBJECTIVEMODE - objective mode The last line, game.setCurrentLevel has the same syntax as game.addLevel, it tells the server which map to load first. You can of course mix and match mods and gametypes in the maplist.con file, and it can make for some really interesting LAN sessions Only caveat here is that the battlefield dedicated server launcher overwrites this file when you run it, so you'll have to run the server directly from the command line. A nice trick is to first setup your server settings with the dedicated server launcher, then change the maplist and run the server from the command line.