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Hey, you scratched my anchor!!

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4th July 2006

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#31 14 years ago

Wow i never noticed the m1a1 zooka. But the carbine yes ive seen that. Are you guys gonna do the upgraded versions of the zooka more in FH2? Like the one with the pull out sight (anyone play MOH:Frontline/Rising Sun). Wikipedia has the many versions, even the ones used after the war. Of course i bet u devs already know that cause you read our minds:eek:! Offtopic: [COLOR=red]Cadyshack[9iron]Diabolos_[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]Cadyshack[Nailclub]Charelsbian[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]Cadyshack[Landmine]Komrad_B[/COLOR] (another tank hunter on ya:D) [COLOR=gray]Cadyshack is no more[/COLOR]