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7th March 2004

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#31 16 years ago
Major HartmannBeast, better forget that very fast. The AK47 fires a round very similar to the SG44, I think it's even x33 too. The only reason it's very powerfull in games like CS is that the NATO assaultrifles use a round even smaller, but by no means the AK fires a full rifle round.

Close. It uses the 7.62x39mm round. However, that is still significantly shorter than standard rifle rounds (as you stated).



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28th December 2003

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#32 16 years ago

About replacing the machineguns. About the range of StG44 :The regular sights can be adjusted from 100m to 800m range. (if it can be adjusted to 800m it must be a reason for it)

About the ammo (since its a discussion about it): Ammunition: Kurzpatrone 7.92x33; this ammunition is known under the designations Kurzpatrone, Infanteriepatrone 7,92mm PP 43 or as 7.92x33.It was a bottle-shaped cartridge, essentially a shortened regular Mauser 7.9mm rifle cartridge. The projectile had a caliber of 7.92mm and weighed 6.95g; the complete cartridge weighed 16.7g (incl. 1.4g powder) and developed a typical Eo of 1,500 Joule. Penetration performance: 25cm of birchwood at 50m; steel helmets were penetrated at ranges exceeding 600m. Total production of the Kurzpatrone ammunition was 822 mio. cartridges until March 1945. A soldier equipped with the StGw 44 had six canvas magazine pouches in two sets of three as part of his field gear. Each magazine pouch held one 30-round magazine; together with the magazine atached to the weapon, the default ammo loadout for a fully equipped soldier was 7 magazines totaling 210 rounds. all snipped from Maybe add some magazines ? ;) And increase range? ;) Edit: added content.