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#61 16 years ago
The 13th RaptorThey arent crashed, the japs dug them in on purpose. If you are going to be on the defensive, fighting for every meter of ground you might as well dig the tank in, so its harder to hit.. The germans did more or less the same in berlin..

Really eekx.gif I cant believe they did it on purpose eekx.gif


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#62 16 years ago

Yes, only the dug-in tanks and mg pillboxes are locked. I've debated with myself about locking tanks in general but seeing how the rest of the mod is not like this, I haven't.

The Japanese dug-in purposely because the terrain on Iwo wasn't suited for tanks. Perhaps the most important machine on the battlefield was the bulldozer that made the terrain somewhat passable for supply and armored vehicles. By that time in the war, the Japanese also knew their tanks didn't stand a chance in open engagement, and so fortified themselves the best way they could.


I didn't make it!

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#63 16 years ago

The most primitive way they could, ROFL! _ROFL.gif