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28th May 2003

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#21 15 years ago
Von MudraJoystick, always, have never been shot down, and have, last time, I had tallyed up my count that I kep, 47 kills! I am invincible! :0wned: :lol: :lol: :cool: :smokin:

That is what i thought too, because like you i wasn't beaten a long time and wasted all that dared to take wing to rediculous proportions ( no one daring to take to the air in Guadacanal for 20 minutes, not even after insults ) ......but there's always someone better then yourself.

In my former bf 1942 clan there was one pilot better then me, and another one on the same terms, end of illusion. Once in a while in clan wars there were better pilots too, although most of the time they were inferior but using smart coordination with ground flak crews to win....that is war.

Then came FH 0.5 and it was clay pigeon shooting again, untill an unknown pilot challenged me to duel him in bf1942 and beat me every time......he brags a lot but it is justified up to now : (MGmaniac) 42. :)

Lightning[nl] is an excellent pilot aswell, and so many more players.....i agree if you have flying skills you probably waste 90 % of all pub server aircraft and only go down when there are several average skill pilot enemies after you and you are alone. But 10 % is skilled pilots and these generally have an element of surprise : you are so used to nOObs you are sloppy.....and get killed.

It is generally recommendable to duell better pilots then can learn a lot from them, if you carefully watch what they do, especially how they evade attacks and escape.