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12th August 2004

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#41 15 years ago

I used to have the number 8 rule as shout KNIFFFFFFFFFEEE!! but i wasn't sure if it would be too annoying.

And In DoD I love the picture it gives when you kill someone withthe butt of the gun.


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16th March 2004

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#42 15 years ago

lies > 5


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15th June 2004

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#43 15 years ago

Before I started playing Fh I played EOD and didnt really use the knife at all, but since ive been playing FH its allmost a necessity to use the knife, some would say its more usefull than the sidearm. The most I ever got was 5-6 and gazala, I to am looking forward to the katana it'll be the ppsh of melee weapons! :nodding: