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[BC] Tex Arcana

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1st June 2004

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#81 14 years ago

After looking at more pics than I thought I'd need to, I will reiterate: Just put the roofkit on. The Driver can still be sniped by a good shot. But it WOULD have to be a good shot. The rear of the kit could be raised, or lowered like the Jeep windshields... BTW- You can position the M36 with the "hull-up" and duck your head (and the main-gun) down(or if you are on a hill, lower the gun/duck). This can minimise the Snipers from the front. You are more vunerable from the rear; but if you are using (positioning) the M36 correctly, this is the lesser of two evils... KT's are my MEAT in the Bulge:naughty::smokin:.


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25th March 2004

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#82 14 years ago

Roof kits! It's the way of the future.