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septic death

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22nd September 2003

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#1 14 years ago

I read a lot in this forum about how this map is balanced wrong and blah, blah.... . There are maps harder than others, but teamwork trumps any balance issues some complain about.

unbalanced map = no teamwork = your team loses

unbalanced map = teamwork = your team wins

FH team has put out some GREAT maps, not only do they look great but play great. Remember this is not a single player game, its a team game.


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27th November 2003

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#2 14 years ago

comeon septic with this bs, we had 6 shermans on comms all very good players and had a mech for each behind our shermans, one kt destroyed us all and then again with 2 mech in it. we hit him all at once too firing in unison then he picks two off we cant repair being he die from one hit even while the wrech is fixing. But the tiger and kt with two people can recover faster then it takes to reload.

they should remove mechs from this game calling it a realism mod fixing armor in 4 second to 100% especially with these sill propaganda fiction performance levels rofs range effectiveness accuracy etc armor aircraft guns.

And the stuka able to kill 2 il2s with ease and the tb3 no problem, the 109 is more manueverable then the spitfire hurricane and p40 just like the zero flies. Look at the dm of the japanese zeros this game is silly to the axis powers and someone who researches history and am a regular in the wwii.historical.soc newsgroups where alot of the vets of wwii post I know my technical data. I also have fired a few of the weapons in game. I know for a fact this game has recoil like a 80lb person.

its still very good looking and the modelers did a superb job on the models maps and textures i just really dont like the way its going to axis dominates all without trying.

I think ill stick to COD UP and Red orchestra which has more realistic ballistics, player leans, iron sites and weapons effectiveness. the bf1942 engine is too limited to make a realistic mod.

The FH team seem very anti british and US. look at the stg44 now and mp40 compaired to bar thompson greasegun sten and bren now, and look at the mg34 and 42 range holding down the button the whole clip with little to no kickback.

you can run around and hop with the mg42 and 34 and get so many kills close range same with the stg44 but the bren bar even from crouch past 2 house lenghts the dispurstion is ridiculous.

I enjoyed the earlier versions much more of FH when things were not so bias. And i play what ever side it puts me to, for those who dont notice this i dont know what to say guess they are happy with uber german everything,


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27th April 2003

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#3 14 years ago

Yesterday I destroyed 3 kingtigers and 2 Panther D's with 2 cardboard fireflies ;)


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30th April 2004

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#4 14 years ago

I swear, if i hear the word balance ONE MORE TIME, PEOPLE WILL DIE AND DOGS WILL BE KICKED!