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8th February 2004

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#31 15 years ago
Walker42I blame it on the capture being tied to spawning. Realistically a force should be able to capture a behind the lines objective, that's the whole point of paratroopers really. The problem in my opinion is that the flags are directly tied to spawning, and not the armies them selves. If spawning was tied to the Army, and flags only used to control the map objectives, I think we'd see a more realistic approach on confrontation. Flags would be less of a priority, and destroying the enemies army would be a higher priority. I believe the carelessness on equipment, isn't necessarily caused by this though. I think the carelessness steams from the equipment being so readily available. Who cares if anyone runs a tank right across the bridge and it get's wasted? It'll spawn again in 30 seconds. That's why I made a "Mission Series" map. I'd like to see a totally different method to winning the map(faster maps, but more of an importance place on actions) and a higher importance placed on equipment. As vehicles become more important, the tactics used with them should start to mirror reality. When there is only one tiger on the map period, and you don't get another until reset (Map runs shorter though.) the tactics used with it start to become less careless from my experience. I want vehicles to be disabled more, and last around on the battle field as burning wrecks, etc ect.... I've gotten really good feedback on it so far, but haven't seen high numbers yet. It's rough to get a game started. No one wants to be the first 8 people on. lol Mission Series Battle of Foy

But isn't then the danger of the guy in the tiger not willing to attack because he doesn't want to lose his tiger?...On the other hand maybe that will force some teamwork although I doubt it..sigh.