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9th September 2004

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#21 15 years ago

WintherLooking at your join date Symptomatik, it looks like you joined more around the release of 0.65. I on the other hand started after the release of 0.5 when Karelia was like one of the best maps in the mod ^_^ Took a couple months for me to register here though. I didn't register before I joined BFE-WaW: Campaign #6 which was the first Campaign to use Forgotten Hope.[/QUOTE]

That's because I was formerly Gobo12 and joined earlier but long since switched to this account. Another thing to keep in mind is I said I was coming to the forums since a particular time (shortly after I started playing .5), I did not say I registered right away. Along the way (ingame that is) I've also switched names, the only one I've stayed with is this one.

LoboNewcomers are not scared because anlushac or others of our WW2 experts provide good information about WW2 stuff. They are scared because at the first mistake (no search, double post, wrong historic opinion or polemic sugestion) some people jumps over their humps to bite their necks and flame them.

You might just be more correct with that statement Lobo. It's difficult to explain but I think that may actually fit the bill better.

[QUOTE=jumjum] It's not the youth or inexperience, it's the insulting attitude that their time is too valuable to waste reading or searching, and their presumption that our time is so worthless we'll gladly drop posting on topics we're interested in to service their lazy mush-brains.

That was very well worded, good reply dude.