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6th October 2003

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#1 13 years ago

We have agreed to Merciless Creation's request to remove all MC content, and have already begun doing so, not because we feel Merciless has any right to demand it, but because we do not wish to cause unnecessary friction with any other mod, and feel it would be better for Forgotten Hope to have as much unique content as possible. We are going ahead with our planned release of our latest patch,which was substantially complete before Merciless made their wishes known to us. We hope this clarifies the situation for our fans.

In this spirit we sent this message to Merciless yesterday: ______________________________________________

Merciless Creations and the Battlefield 1942 gaming community,

We at Forgotten Hope apologize that the matter between our team and Merciless Creations has again been brought to the public's attention. It was our understanding that while the private discussions between our teams was strained, it was still ongoing in an attempt to resolve our dispute. We feel rather disappointed that the line of communication with them has been broken to force the issue.

We will proceed with releasing FH 0.67 as it is already completed and scheduled for release. We do so honoring our prior agreement with Merciless Creations regarding unrestricted use of their content. However, we will gladly remove any and all Merciless Creation content for our subsequent release of FH 0.7. We have already begun the process. If Merciless Creations wishes to expedite this remedy for the 0.7 release, we ask that they aid us in providing a detailed list of what they want removed. We feel this is appropriate compromise and we will honor it.

Forgotten Hope would like to thank Merciless Creations again for the use of their content and wishes them the best of luck with their coming server-side release.

"This statement expresses the collective views of the Forgotten Hope Team, and is not an expression of a single individual." ______________________________________________

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9th December 2003

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#2 13 years ago

unstickied, annoucnement is nearly 2 months old now and i expect the communitie to have seen this thread or the annoucement on the FH website. Cleaning up sticky cluttering at the top *unstickied*