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5th October 2007

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#31 10 years ago

Indeed Thorondor123, and FH2 is the closest to that possible on the BF2 engine.


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#32 10 years ago

Well I don't know what scope you guys are looking down. When I shoot scoped rifles in real life, not a video game, they look different then that.


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1st July 2005

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#33 10 years ago

I would say the current FH2 scope setup is pretty nice.... This is one I took (sorry its an indoor pic it was crappy out. :() Of course the camera wants to focus on the room and not dead center so that's probably a little screwy. But really this is damn close to what I see when looking down the scope. Only real difference is outside the scope it is all blurry (like FH2) and I actually can see about half again as much more outside my scope. So maybe shrink the scope and give people a wee bit more around the scope?


Ohh and this scope is a 6X scope like what the krouts would have had though not a copy by any means. This whole conversation is really kinda asinine though really because you have to factor in things like eye relief of the optics in question as well as light settings and an persons own eyes.