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#61 16 years ago

name_tag_distance values affect friendlies only name_tag_distance_scope values affect both sides

This is what most people don't know!


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#62 16 years ago
Real-BadSeedah no i almost never tk, and i mean that! almost never. but thats because im super careful and my scores are usually low, why? I never spam arty or mg fire, i only shoot at forsure Identified targets. i only have tk'ed when someone steps into my gunfire. and i can count the times ive tk'ed in the last year, on 1 hand, can you! also you can still see tags when using hud 0, its the only thing you can see. no crosshair no nothing, except tags. like i said before i play this as a realism mod. i dont care at all about flags, points, score etc. etc. and if i "blow up" a friendly, in and enemy tank... thats realism. if you dont like realism find another mod. this is not clanwars, this is not dc, or vanilla... its a realism mod, period!

So you don't do any long-range shooting? Or do you have some super rig that can tell who's driving that tank silhouette just coming out of the fog? I can pick out a PzIV silhouette under those circumstances, but without the minimap I can't tell who's driving it. If I read the minimap wrong, or there's a friendly stolen tank surrounded by friendlies, that's when I get TK's. I don't get TK's from killing friendly tanks, but enemy tanks with friendly drivers. To me, stolen vehicles are unrealistic, but they do make the minimap and/or tags an absolute necessity. Otherwise you can't be using the realistic range of the weaponry without getting some TK's (of course if you play only SMG infantry, that's a different story)