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24th September 2003

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#71 16 years ago

Lordbutter And while booming is an excellent way to kill fighters and not waste time, it is quite lame in this engine. Always nice to see someone who spent 1/2 the round climbing, reached the top of the map, proceeds to spend the ENTIRE round up there. These by the way are usually the skillless pilots, as its alot easier to do this method then actually dogfight.[/QUOTE]

Its almost impossible to bnz properly due to the planes being all very similar in there abilities and the fog distance.

And lets face it, its hardly requires much skill to fly a plane in BF/FH.

[QUOTE=Beast of War]Btw : circeling is ALWAYS bad, only skilless pilots do will ALWAYS lose from a pilot who does not circle with you and breaks the cicleling......That is what air combat manouvering is for.....and it isn't only pulling loops.

If circling works for people then its valid, if it brings its guns to bare on another plane then it's valid. It was a valid early WW2 tactic as some planes had higher stall windows than others. Also some planes work in the verticle IRL allot better than others. BF109 pilots would try to get P47's to pull loops or go to the verticle plane (up) because they could get in behind them.


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#72 16 years ago

"And lets face it, its hardly requires much skill to fly a plane in BF/FH." This is very true, i wasnt implying that it was hard. I enjoy the current system (besides some planes that do need to be tweaked). I just dont want to see this mod dumbed down to vanilla standards. Increase in Damage, easier flight, reduced fog. These are all things people want changed. If people keep coming on to these boards and complaining that might eventually get their way. Which would suck.