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15th July 2006

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#91 13 years ago

i just realized. wat if the title is a secret code? its the turning point aka update in FH2 at which point they will stop working on things and begin to add the finishing touches to there mod =p


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9th January 2005

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#92 13 years ago
deathfromabove2010;3792328i just realized. wat if the title is a secret code? its the turning point aka update in FH2 at which point they will stop working on things and begin to add the finishing touches to there mod =p[/quote] [quote=McGibs;3790243]because el al was the turning point of the entire african campaign?

Here is the true answer.(or is it?) :cya:


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4th July 2006

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#93 13 years ago

Another '88 question is that, are they fully rotational like in FH1? (not needing the a and d keys). Even through the camo-net poles? ;) Or up through the camo-netting? ;)


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26th June 2004

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#94 13 years ago

I must say, guys, this update really impressed the hell out of me. I've been playing for eons now, and still am playing FH, and yet you always never fail to impress me! As the others say, this map just feels right... it really looks like the battlefield is real and has been fought over!

Anyone who hasn't really REALLY needs to read the book An Army at Dawn by Rick Atkins about the war in North Africa. It's a bit thick at around 600 pages, but it's probably one of the best books you'll ever read summarizing the war in Africa post Operation Torch. And, it won the Nobel Prize... so ya, excellent book! This map really captures the reality of desert fighting.


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7th May 2004

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#95 13 years ago

is this mod coming out this year?:o


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27th April 2003

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#96 13 years ago

When people ask this question, one word pop in my head : Newb :P


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2nd August 2006

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#97 13 years ago

Fortunately, the FH crowd has become a lot more friendly and less biting than when I first came in - Anyone still remember the wolf on Black Knight thread? (LOL)


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29th September 2003

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#98 13 years ago

Lobo;3791086This map features the Lightfoot Operation in the Alamein battle and the german couterattack over Kidney Ridge. When I was researching the battle I realized the vanilla map was not so horribly inacurate...yeah, they exaggerate the heights and deeps, as usual, and added oasis and villages, but whatever.

So I decided it could be interesting to focus the fight in two near ridges, Miteiriya and Kidney, with the obvious scaling, we have not 50 milles to work with.

At first sight it seems similar to the old vanilla map but believe me it's not, in this map the control points have actually real defences and those two passes are the key for this battle, you just can move from south part to north part of the map through them. The rest of the map are flat huge steppes with some dunes and wadis suitable for interesting armoured movements[/QUOTE]

Yes, Dices BF1942 map wasn't that inaccurate just over exaggerated.

[QUOTE=Lobo;3791137]Second Second Battle of El Alamein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Interestingly though your map covers the area fought over by;

British Commonwealth (listed nth to sth) 9th Aust Div (inf) 51st Highland Div (inf) 1st Armoured Div 10th Armoured Div 2nd NZ Div (inf) 1st SA Div (inf) with 7th Armoured Div in reserve

Axis (N-S as above) 21st Pz Div Ariete Armoured Div 15th Pz Div Littorio Armoured Div

I've excluded both the 90th Light and 164th Divs as they were deployed further north of your map. I do find the map somewhat confusing as the battle, as read on wikipedia and in various histories, developed in two distinct operations. Those being Lightfoot and Supercharge. The 9th and 51st being the main attacking infantry in Lightfoot then 2nd and 1st in Supercharge.

Wouldn't the map be better served with both a north and south CP, btw I'm looking at the map correctly oriented. Perhaps a CP located in line with letter g in Miteiriya Ridge astride the road. It would "historically" place the map in better standing and certainly relieve pressure off the single forward CP of the BC (British Commonwealth).

On the authenticity note I hope the No4 does not make an appearance on this map as it was never used by any of the units at El Alamein. No1 MkIII* SMLE is the rifle to use.


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21st February 2004

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#99 13 years ago
Lobo;3791490True, it's not a priority now but that idea can solve the issue, for future

Glad I could help. <3 FH's attention to the community!

Also, I was playing Bulge yesterday and I saw the 88... I realised how low quality the model was compared to FH2 - now I'm expecting to be really blown away by everything that I see in FH2.

Even the trees.



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28th August 2006

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#100 13 years ago

Big LeBowSki;3790589so much for your little rant...

a little protection against small arms and shrapnel dosent seem like a bad idea to me.

bullet > rock

Those are sandbags, at least the top layer, which wouldn't be as brittle and reverberate out of place, and thanks for the picture. I like it when people prove me wrong. But still, that's a time consuming endeavour. But I guess for a base defense such time spent on making a rock wall around it would be relatively small and ask yourself which would be the more common method. But the problem is that it'll probably made of diamond in game...

Also, don't you mean rock>bullet, at least while weighed down by sand bags.