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6th October 2003

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#81 12 years ago

First of all thanks to Fatjoe and everyone else who "gets it" and has been so supportive.

But it's really not true that we owe nothing to anyone. We owe a debt of gratitude to all the players of FH1 and to the other modders that have been so positive and enthusiastic. We owe thanks to the communities like,,, and, that have provided us with forums and servers. Also we owe a big thanks to all the gaming servers and community web sites that give players a place to play FH and help spread the word about our progress. And even though their mod support has not been as consistant as we might have wished, we owe thanks to DICE and EA for providing the best combined arms FPS engines available. To all of those folks we salute you.


But, as far as what we are doing and when we are doing it goes, we have been nothing but candid and straightforward. Release dates and features for software of all types so commonly turn out to be wishful thinking that few experienced users believe anything they hear before the product actually reaches the market. We have described or shown images of most of what we are comfortable has reached a reliable enough level of quality and stability to ensure that it will actually be in the first release. For the rest, we prefer to not to make promises that we aren't pretty sure we can keep. We have tried to treat all the people that are interested in Forgotten Hope 2 with respect, as we believe that most players are intelligent and mature enough to accept the truth, even if it is not always exactly what they would like to hear. Perhaps this kind of respect is so rare that it seems like arrogance to some people. Perhaps some gamers are so accustomed to commercial software developers blowing smoke about release dates and features that an honest answer of we don't know yet seems like some kind of trick.

I guess these gamers would feel more comfortable with happy illusions. Well, sorry, we don't provide those, we are just making a mod.


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10th July 2006

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#82 12 years ago

I have a question here that may clear things up just a bit for everyone & may be an answer to why the Dev's feel it is impossible to give a release date. How many times has FH2 taken a different track, was adjusted, tinkered with or God forbid RE-vamped due to a player suggestion/forum suggestion/drunken stupor induced idea/or delusional Epiphany?:D


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12th December 2004

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#83 12 years ago

It was all just a joke.................MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :naughty:


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29th December 2006

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#84 12 years ago

Hi All, this is my first post, but ive been following this mod with anticipation for a long time. This is the only game i'm looking forward to in the forseen future, besides maybe MOH Airbourne ;) Both my parents are WW2 vets, and as a result i'm a huge WW2 game fan :) really, really looking forward to this mod!!! Cheers :beer:


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#85 12 years ago
greenland;3445368It was all just a joke.................MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :naughty:

This is not a discussion. All of us "waiters" of course appreciate the effort put down in this by the developers. The only thing worth mentioning is that greenland gives feedback that should be no surprise to the developers, and it is valuable feedback. We all are afraid that FH2 never will see the day. If the milestone is a fully functional FH2 with no bugs, we are simply afraid that FH2 will die before it's released. By the way - do the developers have an account/found for donations? I sure would appreciate donating 10$ for the work you do. I guarantee that others feel the same.