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11th April 2005

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All I'm saying if that it is a bit disappointing that BF2 has been out a year, EA appears to already be moving on with the next cash cow and most of the promised mods for BF2 have never appeared.

For such an old FH hand I would have thought you'd seen this dispute handled many, many times. I've pointed out several occasions here that the mere fact EA puts something out at a particular date or on some schedule means nothing to FH2. BF2 IMO was and is pretty buggy and has some fairly serious tech flaws. EA put out the first 2 patches/hotfixes within a month or so of release, so I would say BF2 was really not ready. FH2 will be done correctly, not rushed so that patches need to be put out immediately. But as you allude, EA is a business, not a bunch of fans like we are. So what if EA goes on the BF-334 B.C., or BF-2525? We're going to be here lovin' on FH, and enjoying devs who take pride in doing something thoroughly and well. That's rare, and we should appreciate it.