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30th June 2004

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#51 15 years ago
KingrudolfAnother idea for the C47 planes. You can make these static. What you need to do is, make an object spawn for the C47 and place a couple of them around in the air. Then you go to the staticobjects.con and copy the coordinates from the C47 spawns. Then you need to use the C47 standardmesh (not the actual controlable spawn) and put it in as the static object to spawn there. Ingame, you will notice that there will be several C47's (they don't move though, they just float there, standing still).

After Trying that and placing the C-47 up in the air when I started the map the C-47 ended up on the ground sitting there and I was able to fly it and stuff so it didnt become static. :( I tried a few other things but they didnt work. So if the standard mesh of the C-47 isnt called "C47" then im not sure whats wrong. :uhm:


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28th September 2003

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#52 15 years ago

hey mate if you want simple ai on this map for single player and co op then go here: the program adds ai in a few clicks :beer: