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28th May 2003

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#51 14 years ago

JagdUmm... Burn? I think not. Sure Beast I'm the only one who likes the smacktalk around here... 3 paragraphs blathering about how tough you are IRL. :talker: :uhoh:[/QUOTE]

Didn't start did with your insult (mis)taking me for a sumo wrestler.

[QUOTE=Mp5-Killa]Beast, i'm sure you'd be welcome at ESF.....although i'm not sure if we're still recruiting now :)....

I want to join a clan, but i can' and training take about all free time i have in a week. Joining a FH/BG42 pub server for an hour or so (at various times in the day or night) and browsing/posting in this forum is all computer-time i have.