On behalf of the FH gamer who give a damm I extend a formal apology to Major Hartmann -1 reply

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27th July 2004

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#91 16 years ago

I'd like to add, and direct this to not only the Major, but ALL the FH devs, that by the nature of these forums, it is inherant that people will probably complain and point out faults more than speaking continuous praise. Perhaps because so much about the mod is great and taken as a given, or expected. But anywhere, from the television and print media to these forums, negativity will rise to the top. It's part of the reason Europeans and Canadians think the United States is so violent, as an example, when we're not, because of what is carried on the front page. But there are many, and I mean many more FH players than there are people who frequent these forums. They are never heard, they play everyday. There are clans, like ours who've stuck with you for a year now, because we have a great time with what you've done here. Our hobby is directly attributed to your hobby of creating the mod in the first place. It's that GOOD. And maybe sometimes, we all need a reminder in humility and patience, if not manners.



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28th February 2004

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#92 16 years ago



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18th November 2003

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#93 16 years ago

Well, I cant exactly say anything that will grant Major Hartmann's return, but...

...Shit. This was unexpected.

Please, think of the people who spend most of there free time here, supporting this mod, supporting your excellent work and always giving positive feedback to this mod. I feel as though there are more positive points brought up on these forums than negative, and whilst it only takes one 12 year old with an enormous attitude problem to make a Dev walk away, before you do recognise yourself with all those that have stayed here for the past two years or so and have done nothing but praise your work.

Obviously, the idiots that cant string a scentence together without pissing someone off need to be ignored. The majority of the Forgotten Hope players do not post here, and it only takes me five minutes on a server to realise that a vast majority are more than pleased about what you're doing for us, for free. When I join the game, at least on every round I hear a comment on how the Devs have done such an amazing job. Hardly ever do I hear anyone but the most ignorant and retarded scream how bad it is on the most rare of occasions when they themselves do not realise the amount of effort and time you Devs put in.

Now here's where it's hard for me to say. Since becoming a beta tester for Forgotten Hope a few days back, I have realised how much effort and time you guys put into this mod. I must admit before hand I was a little ignorant at times, and for that I am very sorry. I hope that you can recognise and accept my deepest appologies, and poor spelling.

If this post wont convince you to come back to us Hartmann, then I will be forced to post the picture of the bunny with a pancake on it's head again. Dont make me do that. If you do not return then I wish you the best of luck in the future and I thank you for your work, talent, effort and time that has made our gaming experiences complete for the past year or so.

Thanks once more.


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16th November 2003

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#94 16 years ago

Shit. Sure FH has a lot of godlike modellers and skinners, but what can they do if they don't have a coder? Hartmann was a damn good one too. All the special stuff he had put in really amazed me and all the countless hours of work he has put into this mod. I really really really hope you reconsider this, Hartmann. FH won't be the same without you.

/salutes Hartmann with respect.

Major Hartmann

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27th April 2003

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#95 16 years ago

Guys, please stop this, it's embarrasing for me and it won't help you. I have been working for FH 2 and a half years, and I can say about 80% of the time I have lived from the forums. I come here, and read your posts, and seing you having fun motivated me for the next few days. During the last weeks, I didn't read much motivating around here or anywhere else. That made me think about if I want to invest my time into this any longer, and I came up with a No. Don't blame it on that one rediciolous thread, that was only just the last drop. Anlushac and similar people: Don't worry, I liked to argue with you, because you posted with well researched arguments and you listened to my position. That's constructive, the way it should be. I do not go in anger. With some regret, yes, because I know of all the nice stuff that is about to reach you, and the stuff that won't ever reach you now. However, I hope you enjoy many more hours of FH, and good luck with the future versions.