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24th September 2004

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#41 15 years ago

s3-simp-muntz.gif HA HA Banned from [WOLF] for racism. Wonder why he's banned from the other server. I am sure he'll 'learn' from his mistake. Learn to keep his comments to himself. Will he learn, that it is just wrong, to be racist, and to change his ways? Never. People who are racists, have something wrong inside their head. They may learn to hide their true feeling, and play the good boy, but he'll never learn that all men are created equal, and to judge a man by his actions. If I had my way, I'd ban him from FH completely. We don't need his type here, or in-game. I can just imagine what type of player he is too...



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13th May 2003

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#42 15 years ago
Hairy_Nipplei have a question, how come i NEVER EVER play jap maps on ANY fh servers? they always play german tank maps, but not jap ship maps.

I was playing Saipan at Wolf last night.. I guess you just got unlucky and didn't hit the server at the right time or something.