Otolikos Normandy Mappack is OUT! -1 reply

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29th September 2003

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#81 14 years ago

ähhm... i mean surely "ramelle neuville" ...... and i thougth a wespe or an panzer IV is an good addition... one more tiger is a way to strong in my opinion..... but it is your decision

Hmmmm... i don't think is uselsess but the flag owner must defend two ways above the river and the attackers have an alternative route ....

In the moment it is ( on a full server ) impossible to recap the flag...... i mean i never see that....

By the way you have made an very good job and i hope your maps will be included in the FH map pack at the next release and maybe the amount of server who host yours maps will grow.....


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29th April 2005

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#82 14 years ago

[BFE]winther: **I have seen the axis win Ramelle twice of the 3 times I've played it. They managed to push through with the Tiger and when they got to the bridge they placed the Tiger there and just camped everything in sight. They also had an engineer so they could repair the Tiger, it was impossible to kill it then.** lol i think you have played together with me at least one time, cause i did exactly what you said, i was in the tiger, clanm8ts repairing me, but i dindt die until the round was over, standing on the bridge, and covering axis while crossing

[FtN|FH] Mick

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24th January 2004

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#83 14 years ago
UTHERAnybody know which servers are playing these maps at the moment ??[/QUOTE] Maps.FragThe.Net | Otolikos 79th FH MapPack4 & Otolikos Map [QUOTE='[BFE]Winther']It has changed it's name to "Maps.FragThe.Net | Otolikos" now.

Yeah, so people know where to get the maps if they haven't heard anything of them yet. Cheers, Mick


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7th February 2005

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#84 14 years ago

Dissidents server is now running the Otolikos maps. See server info in the Advertising forums. cya.gif