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21st February 2005

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#21 12 years ago

hslan.Faust;4119489honestly, on a full 64 player server the planes influence on the battlefield is nonexistent.

on el al you can tank a whole round throughout the map without ever being harrased by planes under normal circumstances. thanks to land to reload and the new viewsystem airpower is virtually nonexistent. frankly said: a tankrapers paradise (and right they are, why should they move when there is no threat from above).

and i very much doubt that more experience for the pilots will change the situation in any substantial way.

As opposed to the air-rapist's paradise of FH1, which as an exclusive groundpounder/tankard I can tell you it certainly was. The most serious threats to tanks were other tanks and anti-tank guns, aircraft less so. Also, aircraft were not omnipresent on the battlefield and did not magically rearm by flying over friendly airfields, thank God this has been rectified in FH2.

There was nothing more frustrating than having the feeling that you were simply driving around in a steel coffin, waiting to be destroyed any moment by a guy in an aircraft with a magical nose-cam who could drop on a bomb on you from only 15-20 feet above your tank and the bomb actually explode.

For pilots complaining about airpower in FH2 I can't put into words how easy (and unfairly) you had it in FH1.