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20th May 2002

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#41 16 years ago

GuRu10Holy mother fucking hell, why is that link still posted up there?

If there is any good mod on this forum, they will take it down. :furious:

One of the reasons a few stray links to that movie were still hanging around was, not only were these guys posting over and over again in multiple threads and posts, but the guys who were complaining and reporting them were "Quoting" the offensive posts and therefore reposting the link, magnifying the number of times the link was posted by about 3, all in posts by different ppl! I removed some myself, but it makes it hard when ppl quote something offensive to complain about being offensive.

It's not your fault GuRu10, so I am not having a go at you personally, I'm just explaining why it takes so long to get them all, there may still be a few floating around now so report if you spot anymore thanks. There are good mods here, but I got over 40 reported posts from those two alone, which only covered their personal posts, not the link reposting in other ppls "quotes"

Have fun guys, it seems to have stopped now anyway. (famous last words, hehe)

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28th September 2003

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#42 16 years ago

I been banned and i changed my ip address and use my other cd key and got right back on in less an half and hour.


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15th August 2003

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#43 16 years ago

Thanks Raven for helping us find out why you got back on. Now we know it is not a BFSM/BF server app bug. I am sure you will have fun on our server - in 3 days, when your ban runs out.

BTW, all bans are indeed via CD-key hash.


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19th November 2003

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#44 16 years ago
JohnnyKnoxvilleBTW, all bans are indeed via CD-key hash.

ahah! knew it! told yas :p


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22nd January 2004

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#45 16 years ago

Oh yea they are Btw that's how i got unbanned sent wolf my cd hash see that's when i asked him to unban me. And the gay sex thing never happenend. I think that must've been CaptanInsayno cause i have a bad memory

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24th December 2001

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#46 16 years ago

I think we beat this dead fish enough...