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#1 16 years ago

Ive come back to playing BF42 and I have several questions regarding the FH mod. Where can I play this mod? I use All Seeing Eye to pull up servers but I never see any FH servers. Can I install FH and play on any of those servers without getting a kicked from server or cant log on to this server because I have FH installed? Does this mod have an on and off switch? Also, Im looking at the Merciless mod again. Can I have both FH and Merciless installed without any conflicts? Any help will be appreciated


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#2 16 years ago

Some setting in all seeing eye is wrong than cause I can see loads of servers. If you install the files correctly (first 0.65 part 1, 2 and 3 and after that the 0.65 -> 0.66 update) you can join all the servers running the latest version (= 0.66). And seeing this is a mod it does not interfere with regular battlefield 1942. Merciless afaik however is a mod that changes textures (and more stuff) in battlefield 1942 so it prohibits you from joining pure servers (that have content checking).


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#3 16 years ago

Use the mod browser to in ASE to find the FH servers, you can only run FH on FH servers and this mod is currently at 0.66, there is no on/off switch for it. Instead you will be able to select it from a desktop icon or from the BF1942 mod browser. FH contains most MC content already but I do not think it is possible to run FH with MC, FH is not at all like the MC mini-mod. This is a stand alone mod like DC or BF1918.


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#4 16 years ago


You can go to

+Battlefield1942 -+Mods --+Forgotten Hope

to filter for just FH.

To be completely clear, FH is not an add-on modification or a supplemental texture/sound change patch. FH is completely unique and standalone. You need BF1942 to run it. There are at any given time about 300 servers to chose from all over the world. Each geographical location has a standard high-volume server thats usually got a ton of people on it, so you can always find a good game.

FH is a realism mod. It changes everything about BF1942. Instead of getting an automatic weapon as an assault trooper, you'd get a bolt-action rifle with 5 rounds in the mag. Of course, in FH, you only need one rifle shot to kill.

Tanks are completely different as well. They can usually be destroyed in one hit. It all depends on the tank you have and the tank they have.

There's some screens here:

Keep in mind that the FH webpage is horribly out of date. There's a LOT of new stuff in the mod to play with, but on the website, a lot of the stuff listed isn't in.