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#181 15 years ago

i agree that we shouldn't have rank servers. first it cost more, second it will bring people the only come for rank, third it lags the server up even more, fourth we survived bf1942 with out rank we could survive without it in bf2. Fh is an experience and the closes we will ever get to world war 2 and we need people the are willing to play to have fun and make it as real as possible. rank people will only use this as another battlefield game that will increase ur rank. if u want rank go to forgotten honor clan or some organization that does it. Its all about gameplay, fun, and not beeing worried about ur stats, and to make urself being notice around the world for havin the best score in wat. do u even look at that will it make u a better person, no it only bring greed to us all enojoyin a good gameplay of fh2 mod. I LOVE U GUYS FOR PLAYING THIS GAME :bows: SUPPORT NO RANK


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#182 15 years ago

This might me my last post in this thread, so Im going to say what I think would be a goodway to make rank into the game.

To make the game as non statpadding as possible with ranks or without, we need to stop giving people points! The scoreboard should only show the names of the players in the server, and show who is in what squad and who is the commanders. This will stop people from obbsessing with the idea that you have to have a massive score too look good! A good idea is to ONLY loose ticets while bleeding (dont have enough positions on the map) this will increase the will to take flagsinstead of baseraping with a plane or tank.

I really want to have ranks in the game, but I dont want statpadding, so I think that if you earn ranks by time (Playing as SQM,SQL,COM), there will be no possible way to get a short cut and making it higher faster. And if we make it really hard to gain ranks ( 2500h to the highest) the ones that play fh only for ranks will loose intrest very fast. Only the really dedicated players will be able to show of a shinyer insignia ( Im not one of them, 1 hour a day)

I want to see what my opponents and teammates are experianced in, so if you really like to be an engineer on the battlefield you will get a tecnical specialist rank, or if you allways play as commander and think thats the most fun in the world you get a general rank, if you play squad leader youll get an officer rank, and so on.

btw. I dont want people to get any advantages only for playing alot, that would not be fair for the ones with a job and life :). So I dont want any unlocks at all

I came up with this idea and I really cant think of a better way to inplent ranks in FH, and I really want to be ranked and so does many others, I never do anything to exploit the system because I only play fair play.

I want ranks in FH to be an award for being a dedicated player! I want a fuzzy feeling when playing. NEVER GO OFFICAL WITH THE REQUIREMESTS! It should be a suprise! Theres my 2 cents