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6th September 2004

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#161 16 years ago

bit torrent just finished my download it took 3 days - [some 25hrs, because i turn my pc when i go to work] - except problems with dead tracker [hoster issue, not a bt one] all went extremally smooth - my connection was maxed out almost all the time

was there any news in history that was posted BEFORE announcing it in forums? :) i see it every week - post about news, and replies 'i cant see anything?/image doesnt work?' - no offence here, just it makes me smile every sunday evening


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29th April 2004

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#162 16 years ago

wow, goodwood looks sexy. as though i didnt get enought of gettign owned in a cromwell the first time around! Kidding, looks great.


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3rd September 2004

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#163 16 years ago

The problem with BT is that it doesnt feel like working when you are looking at its progress every ****-ing second.

Leave it on, it will get better you impacient fools. you got till friday. dont say BT is crap because its not.


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6th November 2006

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#164 16 years ago

I see Forgotten Hope .65 has been uploaded to usenet in the alt.binaries.freeware group by [email]forgotten@hope.mod[/email]. Excellent! Thank you fh developers, this is so much better than torrent. Everyone that is having trouble with bit-torrent and doesnt want to struggle with the sure to be overloaded web mirrors on the release date, check out usenet as an alternative. Thanks again!


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25th July 2004

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#165 16 years ago

I Love U Fh And Fh Moder... Bless U All

Lol! :) :)