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#41 15 years ago
RikupsoniIn FH sometimes when you shot to running enemy it just bleeds blood, but no damage, they mean this?

You see the blood because that is a client side effect. Only your computer saw the blood. The hit is a server side effect, so everyone sees it. The same thing happens with airplanes. You see the little pieces falling off, but no damage is done because the damage is just client side. You need to see the hit indication to know if you are really doing damage.


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#42 15 years ago

LateralusUntrue. By late 1943, the average SS infantry platoon had a 1:1 ratio of rifles to SMGs. By 1944, the Soviets were replacing every soldier's rifle with an SMG. Entire batallions of Soviet infantry divisions were armed with nothing but PPSh41s. By 1945, the only Soviet soldiers still armed with bolt-action rifles were snipers.

And I don't think anyone here is suggesting that SMGs fire a cartridge that is as powerful as 8mm Mauser. I just think it is fair to say that if I pick up and MP40, run up behind an enemy, press the muzzle into his back, and fire a round right into the middle of his chest, he should fall. In FH, that doesn't happen. He gets stunned, turns around and blasts me with his rifle and I die. It just doesn't make any sense.

Uhm, no. It is true that the Russians were defidentally SMG-happy. However, you're implications are way off chart.

There were about 5 and a half million PPSh-41's made, and a smaller number of PPS-43's. There were also 10 million+ M1891/30's made and over 5 million M1944's made, which were shorter, carbine versions of the M1891. There were large numbers of PPSh-41's and 43's, but even by 1945, there were at least as many using Mosin-nagants, with the M1944 heavily prefered.

With the Germans and Americans, Rifles were defidentally most common. The Germans had a fair amount of MP-40's, a different smg(Forgot the name, but one less heard of), and captured PPSh-41's which they really liked, but Defidentally more Kar 98's were used. In the American army, Garands and Carbines completely outnumbered SMG's, Band of Brothers is the only movie I have seen where they really show how often Carbines were used, as there was a 6:5 ratio of garands made to carbines made.

The British army, well, obviously used mainly bolt-actions. The Japanese too, and the French and Italians too.