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9th December 2003

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#61 15 years ago
MaximillianWeisemannwow, you've been more lucky than I, Dönitz :) You should have told us you'd go there, we'd have invited you at home in Tours for a relaxing afternoon in the garden ;) Hope all these pics will help adding a new dimension to FH2: the "feels like it's true" one :)

Hehe, well i had no idea that their were any FH players from that region, and went together with my brother and dad so hat would have been pretty much impossible. Though perhaps next time (when they have those tank shows in Saumur)? ;) I was a bit worried about getting "caught" by museum staff for climbing on the tank and thrown out but i payed 10 euros or so to be allowed to take photos so i found that a good enough reason to take the risk. Luckly i wasn't spotted climbing all over the tanks but if they would have i would just have played dumb and told the staff "oh sorry, i thought for those 10 you can climb on the tanks for even better pictures". :p


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3rd August 2005

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#62 15 years ago

Now THAT is a museum! Great pictures, and most especially, thanks for standing next to each one of them for proper scale.