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4th August 2003

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#41 16 years ago

FH all the way! FH for President!

I've been following this mod for over a year, since before it's first realease. I stayed up at my comp all day waiting for .5 (i think that was the first anyway) to come out, and then proceeded to keep my little brother awake all night while it was downloading (this comp's pretty loud when everything's quiet).

I played DC, sure, but eventually the continuous onslaught of n00bs and spawncampers, tker's to me. I used to download a DC release just to see what was new, but now I don't even do that.

Forgotten Hope adds just so much atmosphere and feeling of something powerful, something to be reckoned with. I even got my dad hooked on it by showing him Iwo Jima and Charlie Sector!

I love you FH!.......................i need a life......