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#1 15 years ago

We've just put up a new FH server (see specs below). While this post is spam for our server, it's also a request for input from the FH community on what the "good settings" are for FH. Below, you'll find our "spam", however, if I've made an error and posted this against a rule, I am sorry. However, that being said, I would like input from folks concerning our server settings. Currently, we're using splashback (100%), PTK. We have the start time set for 60 secs and respawn is 5/15. Name tag distances are 50/150. I know everyone has their own opinions about maps, so let's not get into that. We take requests :-) Anyway, if you have a moment, please drop in and see us. With the weaknesses of BF:2, we've decided to stick to our favorite BF:MOD, Forgotten Hope, rather than play BF:2.

So, we've put up the following server, hopefully, we can draw a few diehards back into the BF:1942 game with a clean and respectful server.


Dual Xeon 2.8 Ghz Processors 2 Gigs of Ram RAID 7200 RPM Harddrives Linux

It's dedicated to Forgotten Hope.

We hope to provide an alternative to the "other" servers out there that host FH.

Name: IWZ Forgotten Hope IP Addy: Port 14567

Some of our rules:

No TK'ing. No Wounding. No Smacktards. No Cheating. Only Snipers and Planes in enemy uncapturable base. On Charlie Sector, no Axis beyond first fence line. Teamspeak Server Don't get in aircraft if you suck, practice elsewhere. Play by our rules, respect others, have fun.

We're not a competition clan. We suck really, which makes us very good targets. Feel free to come in and kill us any time.

Mostly occupied at the present time during the late evenings (east coast u.s. time) through the wee hours of the morning.

We take map requests, so just ask.

The server is located in Texas, so both east and west coasts have some really nice pings.

We'll be moving to FH:2 when it comes out, *if* it's better than BF:2.