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27th April 2003

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#271 15 years ago

Again, don't worry about 2 different turrets :) And 2 cast hull versions :D



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16th November 2003

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#272 15 years ago

Good to hear Omni. NOw the question i have is when the new shermans are introduced will the Jumbo be redone or stay the same? Its good as is now but I'm just wondering since there will be a new hull for it.


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17th July 2003

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#273 15 years ago

Technically all M4A3E2 Jumbo's started life as M4A3 welded hull Sherman's fitted with the T23 turret and 75mm gun. There were no factory made 76mm gun Jumbo's. Since the T23 turret was designed to use the 76mm gun and the 75mm and 76mm use the same gun mounts field crews swapped in 76mm guns.

After the Jumbo's showed up and other tank units saw them they tried to copy them and make their own custom made Jumbo's. Any other Jumbo is a field expedient version. Only about 254 M4A3E2's were ever made and shipped to Europe.

Basically what Im saying is that even if FH does male a cast hull Sherman there is no reason to redo the Jumbo.

Only thing they need to change in my opinion is to model a new track with the duckbill grousers. With the extra armor the weight of the Sherman Jumbo went from about 32-35 tons to about 42 tons. To offset and distribute the extra weight so as to keep ground pressure same or reduce it all M4A3E2 Jumbo's originally had the duckbill grouser track extenders. It was also common to see Shermans with some of the track extenders broken off. That easily happened if the tank ran over a rock, curb, etc.

Look at this picture. The stock track is the V-shaped pad section. The bracket on the left side in picture (outside edge of the track). The duckbill grousers are almost identical to German Ostketten.

The cast hull Shermans were in production to the end of the war and there were versions which had the HVSS suspensions and T23 turrets with 76mm guns. IIRC E8 denotes the HVSS suspension so that would make it a M4A1E8?

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31st July 2004

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#274 15 years ago

Maybe make the jumbo look bulky as in there own crews fittend them with more armor? maybe?