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9th July 2008

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#61 12 years ago

as long as FH2 carries on i dont give a damn :)


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17th November 2007

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#62 12 years ago

Well even if there isn't any real mod support and game is rather hostile againt's modding attemps it can have really thriving modding scene around it.

One good example is Total War series (namely Rome and Medieval 2). There modders were forced to learn everything by themselves as there was no docementation about how to do things, still even if it was hard to mod these games at first there is huge amount of high quality mods for both games, which some do things those engines weren't ment to do (Europa Barbarorum and Deus Lo Vult for example revamp their mother games absolutely like FH2 does for BF2).

So its doesn't really depend on mod support but it really helps to get mods going.


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5th October 2007

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#63 12 years ago
Ronin Pedroshin;4544527I define mod support in it's overall, both ease of implementation of content and communication with mod teams. And it's this communications part that Dice lacks. Yes there are no good quality alternatives for large-scale battles unfortunately, BF is the best there is at the moment. Too bad Dice isn't more like Valve... perhaps they need some more experience with mods and hopefully improve in the future. But that's just me with my wishful thinking.

Considering ease of implementation, valve could be more like Dice. However, with ease of implementation comes limitations.


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10th June 2004

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#64 12 years ago

Wave goodbye to naval battles.:bawl:


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#65 12 years ago

Ships are dumb anyway.

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12th May 2007

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#66 12 years ago

this can't be the end, they have to find a way around it? You cannot recreate Pacific war without naval combat!!! :(

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