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29th July 2004

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#21 14 years ago
McGibs Snipers are soldiers who usually operate alone, whos objective is to take out enemy officers at long range, sow confusion in troops, or demoralized enemy troops. scouts are the vanilla name for snipers. FH has snipers.

So why even bother with them? FH effectively doesn't have officers (just binocs w/SMG), and even if someone steps up to lead and is effective (ie. acts like an officer), killing him does nothing to his ability to command. Snipers don't cause confusion, they just make you bunnyhop when running for a tank/plane. They certainly aren't demoralizing, since nobody but the victim knows or cares that they were sniped. Certainly not trying to flame FH, but the combat dynamic IRL gives the sniper a real reason to exist. In FH, the dynamic is different (just the way the game works), and snipers become something other than what they were IRL. IMO, if snipers only shoot realistic targets, 20 bullets is enough, and AFAIC, it wouldn't change the game at all if they were removed completely.(Note I am not advocating that) The fact is that a sniper in FH really has no effect on the course of a battle, unlike RL snipers who could blunt an advance by killing trained gun/vehicle crews, officers, or by making point squads keep their heads down. Some will say "no effect on a battle? On map x, I got 15 kills and held a pass for 10 minutes with a sniper" That may be true, but IRL, had you been in that position, you would likely have had a weapon more effective at killing in numbers, like an MG.


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30th April 2004

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#22 14 years ago

Because its a game, not real life.

Here they tell tanks about incoming threats (at least I do), kill enemy artillerymen, kill AA and machine gun crews, and pick off M36 Jacksons from far ranges.

They dont demoralize, but they divert resources. It may take 5 soldiers plus two tanks to find one skillfully covered sniper.


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26th April 2004

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#23 14 years ago

Speaking of snipers...I know there is like 100 threads about this question, BUT: Shouldnt the sniper get a sidearm? Atleast give him a pistol for god sakes! Even if it just had one magazine, it would do the thing!