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24th February 2009

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#51 11 years ago

Had to join in this thread because since I first got BF2 i've pretty much stuck with the sniping. I tried all the roles and it just seemed to suit me the best and gave me the most enjoyment. When I first got the game I was thinking of becoming a medic or some sort of role where i could unselfishly help the squad (cos deep down I'm a wooly minded left-winger). After quite a few hours of play I decided that the sniper role, if used properly is one of the least selfish, and sometimes most effective members of the squad. It often requires sitting in your spot missing out on lots of the action because you are defending a CP the rest of the gung-ho guys have moved on from. I've just installed and only had one go on the Project Reality Mod and just thought it was brilliant. Only problem is that now I have to re-evaluate what role I want to concentrate on. The whole balance of the game seems better so am gonna start from scratch and try all the roles again. Because the vehicles seem much more valuable to a team I'm gonna think about learning to specialise in one of those, or maybe try bieng a medic again. Have found it hard to put my scope down and try some different roles but for me the mod has opened the whole game up. So I guess what I'm saying is that for the moment, I'm gonna hang up my scope and get stuck in to another role and see what happens. I think the main point is to remember that it is a game that you have spent money on and it's up to you to get the best experience from it, if that means being a sniper then do it, be good at it and take their heads off without guilt or shame!


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#52 11 years ago

I had the italian scout kit on Hyacinth the other day and defended the last flag (the one still named "German headquarters"). I was in the tower in prone position, facing north. Any brit trying to outflank the town and jump over the wall would appear below me, on the other side of the fence. I would shoot them in the back. I had racked up around 4 or 5 kills using this method, when I had a funny idea. I began setting up an s-mine while still prone, but then I stood up and sorta "threw" it over the side of the tower. It landed on the other side of the fence. Mere seconds later I get a kill because a brit ran over it. I suppose he saw it flying down, thought it was a grenade and wanted to run past it.