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17th August 2006

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#151 13 years ago

I just played FH2 a few hours, GREAT mod, very good first release. Killi Vanilli should earn a medal on the animations they are godly. The only shame is that my computer can only handle the low end graphics (for playing with out lag) but i am not complaining, it looks still as good as FH1. There are still some things i have to get used to: like tank combat (killed a Deacon tank in the flank with Panzer 2, german tanks are very vulnerable to the 6 pounder, its frightening) planes need a lot of practice -> i can see why people wine about them they are not easy and can't dominate the battlefield. The only problem i have is the gliding effect and stuka sound could be better Infantery is very fun, only there was little team play on the server :( artillery was very easy the only thing that didn't seem to work was the spotting with a binocular i used the command rose but the tank would not light up on the map? Things are looking very good


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27th October 2005

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#152 13 years ago

As i've already posted earlier today i really like it.

Only thing to 'complain' is that there are no custom voices yet. The voices from vanilla BF2 with their modern slang and terms do not really fit in a WW2 secenario.


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10th April 2005

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#153 13 years ago
Meadow;4093537*clears throat* Jumjum isn't around, so I'll take this one....

Nooooobody needed me here. Heh. Nicely done, Mead.

I particularly like how our newest member complains about a lack of realism (and he's even wrong about the plane - beauty!), and then he bitches because *gasp* planes actually have to land to rearm. Oh, the brutes! It's so boring.

So the physics are poor because the ground rushes by too fast when flying a Stuka? It might be because the Stuka is at 500 feet altitude, not 5,000. The laws of physics (optics subsection) say the ground will appear to move faster the closer you get to it. That's why it feels like a 767 flying at 850 mph is moving so slowly when you look down at the ground - from 37,000 feet. Doofus.

It's beginning to look like people who love BF2 for being BF2 are just not going to like FH2. (Good, sez I.) Just because it's not BF2. The gameplay is different and rewards different game behavior than they are used to. The people who are going to stay at FH2 are (what a surprise) the ones who are looking for the historically accurate WWII fps Holy Grail.

But here's another thing - the people who register here to bitch (call 'em "register bitches") are the same ones who just over two years ago registered in the BF2 forums to complain that it wasn't like MOH.


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#154 13 years ago

Registered after an age of lurking, and after playing FH2 from roughly 8pm to 4am.

To put it simply, in my opinion you have created the greatest, most accomplished and professional modification I have ever played on any game. Whilst I admit have not played most modifications, I'd still like to express how much I adore FH2.

I had long since removed BF2, for many reasons, one of which was the grenade being the primary weapon. It was wonderfully refreshing to actually have a firefight between areas of cover without some chump jumping towards you throwing them.

Infantry combat on the whole is wonderful, very happy with the bolt action rifles, which have long been my favorite weapon. Although I'd like to be able to fire and use the bayonet (which is notably deadly close in, had a run of 5 kills in one building) simultaneously, I am not sure if that can be done. Tank combat is also fabulous, particularly how you have shown the short comings of the tank in close street fighting.

My only true disappointment was that my eyes didn't start to bleed so that I could further illustrate my inability to stop playing.


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5th December 2005

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#155 13 years ago
jumjum;4093644That's why it feels like a 767 flying at 850 mph is moving so slowly when you look down at the ground - from 37,000 feet. Doofus..

Here is why you hate me, but I gotta win my small battles again you because I always lose the war. 767's don't break the sound barrier sir :smokin: