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TheWharGoulheres a story of a KV-1 and what it took to take it down.

"One KV-1 managed to reach the only supply route of the German task force located in the northern bridge head, and blocked it for several days. The first unsuspecting trucks to arrive with supplies were immediately shot a fire by the tank. There was practically no means of elimination of the monster. It was impossible to bypass it because the area was surrounded with swamp. Supplies could not be moved up and the wounded could not be brought out, They died. The attempt to put the tank out of action using a 50mm antitank gun battery which had just been introduced at that time at a range of 500 yards ended with heavy losses to the crews and equipment. The tank remained undamaged even though after the fact it was shown that there were 14 direct hits, these only produced blue spots on the armor. When an 88 was brought up the tank calmly permitted it to be moved in place then smashed it before it was ready to fire. There were attempts to blow the tracks by demolition during the night but the charge was not large enough and only blew pieces of the tracks off. The tank was still mobile and continued to molest the rear of the front and block supplies. The tank finally became victim of a German ruse. Fifty tanks were ordered to feign an attack from three sides to draw its fire while an 88 was set up to the rear of the tank. The 88 scored 12 direct hits on the tank. Three of which actually penetrated."

taken from the book Fighting In Hell

Three of the 12 shots got in. And it was in the rear of the tank. Ive read lots of the same types of things happening, with KV-1's and KV-2's..

There is a similar thing in the book: Panzer Operations on the Eastern Front. I have also heard of a story, where a KV1 was in the middle of a captured village, when it started suddenly shooting at the unsuspected German infantry around it. Apparently the tank was totally functional, the crew got a slight shock from a 150mm artillery piecer which knocked them out for an hour or two.

I have also heard of stories where the artillery pieces themselves were literally overrun by the KV1s. The KV1s didn't even stop for a while, despite of the heavy shells fired at them by the artillery gun.

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Anlushac11A German tanker with Pz.Regt 4 at the Dubissya river near Rasieninya June 24, 1941 wrote: " The KV-1 and KV-2 which we first met here, were quite something. Our Companies commenced firing at 800m but it was ineffective. We moved closer and closer...soon we faced each other at 50-100 metres. A fantastic exchange of fire took place without any German success...our armor piercing rounds simply bounced off them. They drove right through us towards the infantry and rear services. We turned around and followed behind, where we succeded in knocking some of them out with very special purpose rounds (Pz.Gr40) at very close range: 30-60 metres!!!" From another source: "On the afternoon of June 23rd, the Lydaverai Battalion realized it had been cut off and sent some of their A/T guns frm PzJg.Abt 41 and some 105mm howitzers from Art Rgt. 76 to cover their southern flank in case the Russians tried to attack them from the rear. The next morning a a relief column from Rasieninya tried to link up with the isolated battalion and were quickly blown up by a KV-2 which had placed itself in a position overlooking the crossroads leading to the two bridgeheads. Further attempts proved equally fruitless and the situation at the river was getting very precarious. The attacks against the isolated battalion were intense and the Pz.35t's 37mm gun was worthless against the KV's hull. Only the 105mm guns of the artillery Rgt. had any effect on the Leviathians. The situation was so critical that 6th Panzer was obliged to request 1st Panzer to the West to attack the Russian flank. In the Afternoon a battery of brand new pak 38 50mm A/T guns were carefully moved up towards the KV from the bridgehead. The lead gun was only 600 metres from the KV when it began firing and was soon joined by the others. The KV-2 was not in the least disturbed by a direct hit, nor by the six other rounds that struck in quick succession. The KV-2 then destroyed the first Pak 38 with a direct hit, followed by several more rounds that quickly damaged the other guns. In the meantime a 88mm Flak 18 from Flak Abt 298 was carefully pulled out of its emplacement at Rasyeinyia and camoflauged with branches. The half track towing it moved carefully behind the wrecked trucks for concealment and the crew hastily lowered the gun off its limbers. The activity had been spotted by the KV-2 and when the 88 was only 900m away the KV-2 destroyed the 88 and the tractor with two direct hits. Relief parties were kept away by machine gun fire. That night a squad from Pz. Pioneer Bn. 57 crept up to the KV-2 and placed a double charge of explosives next tot he hull and detonated it...only to duck as the KV began spraying the area with MG fire. A straggler from the team approached the vehicle and discovered that the charge had only broken the track and riped the fender off without any effect on the armor. He placed a second charge on the barrel, but this had negligible results. The next day a platoon of Pz35's was dispatched from the bridgehead to a woods near the lone KV-2 at the crossroads. They kept up a steady stream of fire to distract the Russian crew while another 88 was carefully brought up from Rasyeinyia. When in position the 88 opened fire and scored 6 direct hits. The tankers dismounted to inspect teh KV-2, whicvh had not even started to burn. On inspection the tankers were appalled to notice that only 2 of the 6 88mm hits had even penetrated. There were seven small gouges from the 50mm hits and their was no damage eveident from the 37mm guns of the tankers Pz35t's. As a couple of tankers climbed on board the main gun began to rotate toward the tankers who scattered. A engineer who had accompanied the tankers had enough presence of mind to drop a few grenades into the holes in the back of the turret, finally putting an end to the troublesome roadblock." The 6th Pz was equipped mostly with Pz35t and Pz38t. The 1st Pz was mostly equipped with PzIII and PzIV. The roadblock and the need of the 6th Pz to call for a attack on the Russian flanks brought about one of the largest tank battles in the heavily wooded and swampy area north of Rasyeinyia by the Tilsit-Shaulyia highway. During the battle PzGren Rgt 113 was almost overrun by KV-2's and attempts by PzJg. Bn 37 to stop the KV-2's resulted in their PAK 36 37mm guns being run over and crushed. The Pz35t's took a heavy toll of the T-26's and BT's and the PzIII's and PzIV's took on the KV's and T-34's. Caught between two Panzer Divisions the Russians were crushed and forced to retreat into the swamps where their tanks were easily picked off. By nightfall nearly 180 burning Russian tanks littered the battlefield.

You will not BELIEVE how long I have spent trying to look for those accounts. Cheers for showing them... can you tell me where the sources are from?


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Count NosferatuYou will not BELIEVE how long I have spent trying to look for those accounts. Cheers for showing them... can you tell me where the sources are from?

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