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14th April 2004

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#1 14 years ago

At last i finaly manage to DL 0.65 !! but as i play my first map (: opération goodwood) and try alone some of the tank to see what as change , i realise that the german tank still have to kind of aimview : the one with the smal triangle (in panzer 4 and panther) and the one with the big (tiger and koenig tiger ... and the stug 3G). The fact is that i dont think the otpic we so restrictiv in the tiger .The subject has been discut many time , and i have try WW online that have the real optic thing : the size of the visor depend of how far you want to aim. So we have two "sniping" tank that can destroy tank at very long range (for breaktrough as exemple) and two heabvy armour tank that sux at long range (i am quite good in a tank but for long range i have a poor precision in a tiger compare to the panther) So my point is that as is it not realistic , is that made for balance or just because some one was lazy too change the optic of the tigers to the smal triangle ?:p